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Selasa, 06 Mei 2014

What's on ICP FEB Unmer Malang

icp montage final

The photo montage above is not an exhaustive list of what we have done as students of International Class Program (ICP) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Merdeka Malang but it best sums up our experiences for the past semester. The classes are small which create conducive environment for intensive andeffective academic learning with abundant time for discussion and better class participation. The class size also play a part in bonding the ICP members –not only the students but also the mentors. We have lovely and caring mentors who engage us in many informal activity as well. The informal activities are no less eye-opening. 

In a very short time we have already attended some courses, seminars and an award ceremonies. Not to mention a few field trips that we have been to.  We learn so much by standing on someone else’s shoes be it blue collar worker’s or the top managerial’s. At the end of every week, we spend a few hoursof conversation class with a couple of native speaker as facilitator. It is an activity where we all share our thought, interest, background and everything under the sun. We treasure every moment we share be it a simple birthday celebration or a grand event like Christmast’s party. Through sharing we are able to experience the world. (313/olep)

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